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The wallet is CLOSED for good

January 2nd, 2023 at 08:40 pm

Or Zelle transfers, cash handing out, debit card loaning... whatever you want to call it - it's done. I lent my son $2000 for rent on Dec. 31 - and I said, I'm done. No free money in 2023. I love my kiddos DEARLY. But why do I need to pick up the slack when they aren't giving 100% first? My DIL could be working more, taking on more clients... but she doesn't. It never really bothered me until today when I realized that I KEEP ENABLING THESE KIDDOS! I have to stop. 

We did some good things last year. Spent some good money. Took care of our family... but I have to get this money to start working for us! Lending it out helps no one. So, the answer is NO. Sorry, it's tied up. #sorrynotsorry

I have tax/IRS stuff to work on this month. I need to find a new accountant, and also maybe a financial planner. We did well saving money this year and we also paid down a FULL year off the end of my mortgage and saved 31K in interest already. I just updated my sidebar... Loan was 538K on July 1, and on Jan 1, we owe 527K. We are just going to keep at it. I don't want the payment anymore. 

I did my budget for first half of 2023, and we were able to cut in some areas... for example: We've been with Verizon for 20 years?! My husband had a chance to Beta with Boost Mobile through his work and is paying $15 a month for what he was paying $100 for before. He can't move the family lines over yet, but we will eventually. I need to get out of this brand loyality mindset. It screws me every time. 

I keep hearing about "when this is all over, when things go back to normal..." Why would they ever? If they have us paying $9 for a dozen eggs, why would they EVER lower it back down to $0.99? 

In other news, I have been with my new bank for almost a year... and was just offered the Chief of Staff position for the Mobile App organization. WHICH IS WAY COOL. Except, HR considered it a lateral move, so there was zero increase in pay. And that makes me mad. It will be soooo much more work. Especially my new boss... no kids, no family, works 24/7... He is super fair, and hated that he couldn't give me $$, so he let me know he would make up for it at bonus time NEXT Feb. (my bonus and merit for this Feb. is already figured out). I believe he will, but that's a long time. So, that motivated me to say no to the kids, and also cut down on spending where I can. A reverse pay increase?! Wink

Okay, that's it for now... I need to head to the grocery store. Using gift cards I got for Christmas. Smile

Finally! I am here!

February 22nd, 2022 at 04:10 pm

A long, long time ago, I had an account on SavingAdvice. I could not get the account reset, so I tried to make a new one. I was having a ton of technical issues, and gave up a few times. But, I wanted to be here again so bad... so I sent a few emails, don't think I heard back - but after trying again today, I was able to create a new blog!

This is so what I need to get back into budgeting and saving. 

Some background. I worked for a large global bank for 16 years, and just last month decided to be a bit audatious, and applied for a job at another large bank, for 35K more a year (probably could have been more, but I also get nervous and short change myself). I am now making more than I ever thought I would - and at the ripe old age of 46, need to get my life together. OUR LIFE TOGETHER. WE NEED TO GET OUR LIFE TOGETHER. There is a partner in all of this -- my husband of over 27 years. Big Grin While he does like to save, I am the bigger nerd who likes to plan to save and pay down debt (which we've done several times over the years -- going for once and for all here, people!) 

Pardon the dust as I work to get everything all set up. Especially now that my pay frequency/timing has changed and I need to create a budget. We spent the last two years on auto-pilot, spending whatever we wanted. And I am afraid we are going to pay dearly for that come retirement in 20 years (if not sooner). 

So, more to come new friends!