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It’s been a minute / refocusing

September 16th, 2023 at 02:54 am

I realized this month, I haven't been using my budget. Money in, money out, autopay, etc. 

There's a reason. In April, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. And all things came to a halt. Thank gosh for auto pay. 

I cashrolled all my medical bills since March, so even had to pay cash for 2 CT scans because my I insurance denied them. 10k so far. 

I have two chemos left, then surgery and radiation. Some of the radiation may spill into 2024... so it will cost me $50 a day for a few weeks. 

Good news: My latest mammo and ultrasound show no evidence of disease! The chemo worked!! 

So, I rebuilt my budget for Q4. Student loans start up next month. My bill went fom $614 to $976. Frown No idea why. So, I won't be able to pay as much extra to the mortgage now. But I'll figure it all out. Just glad to be refocused! And so thankfully I had that extra savings account I had been socking money into. I would have hated to put cancer treatment on a credit card!