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Savings accounts are growing

August 12th, 2022 at 06:21 pm

Husband was paid today, and I moved $500 to our joint CMA for down the road investment purposes. I also paid $140 principle only to my mortgage. I contemplated putting that money in our Snowball account, but figured it was more fun to pay each week. There are some months it will be the whole $1500 out of one check, this month, I had to split the $1500 across 4 checks, so last week, I paid $100, today $140 and then I will pay the remaining out of the last two checks of Sept. I think this helps me interest wise, too. 

I had $200 earmarked for extra payment to my student loan, which is still in limbo. So, it's in my Snowball account. And finally, I have $400 for groceries this week.

I think we are planning to do some DIY house projects this weekend, so I expect some Home Depot spending. Nothing crazy, just adding paneling/board and batten on a few walls. Probably less than $200 total for this weekend.

Our meal planning is not happening, so I need to get serious. It’s been a crazy month, and we are trying to get past the baby shower - and hopefully things will calm down a bit. But then right around the corner is grand baby #2, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. So, maybe a slow, quiet inexpensive September, please? Haha. One can wish.

This payday came quickly

August 5th, 2022 at 07:10 pm

I didn't even realize it was Friday or I got paid until I recieved a text message alert from my bank regarding the direct deposit. 

So, I sat down and played the TRANSFER MONEY game, and paid a few bills. $200 automatically to our general savings, $600 to my CMA (in lieu of sending to our two Roth IRAs, since we can't have them right now, income limits), $400 to Escrow for House ins. and property taxes, and then $600 to Escrow Other for all other things that happen once or twice a year. 

I don't know what to do with my Student Loan payment - or my $500 extra I have set aside to help pay it down. I have not recieved a bill yet, and I think things are still in limbo at the White House. So, I've decide to put that money into my Snowball account (ear marking all of these deposits, of course), and then make a large payment when we know what's up. It's already Aug, people. I don't need Biden to forgive the whole loan, although I may look into forgiveness... But if he would just stop the interest, we'd all be better off. 

My 15 year old, who just started his sophomore year of high school 2 weeks ago, woke me up this morning not feeling well. I had one last at-home Covid test, so we took it... and it was positive immediately. So there's that.

Hoping to get some house DIY done this weekend... we will see! Smile