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What a SPENDY July

July 29th, 2022 at 04:29 pm

Oh, we've been gearing up for some baby shower fun, and it's costing us a bit of a pretty penny. All cash, tho (well, card first for points/cash back, but then immediate pay off). I think we are at $2500 right now, and once we have the food purchased, I think our final cost for this big baby shower (plus part wedding reception) will be about $3500. 

I was last week years old when I found out that Roth IRAs have an income limit! And here, I just opened up two new ones. So, now I either need to do the back door version, or come up with a new plan I have set aside for the $300 a month each. 

Here are our month-end balances for savings...

CU1: $11,327 (+$400)

CU2: $1,029 (+$400)

401K - DH: $34,149 (+$152)

401k1 - H: $42,143 (-$11,391)

401k2 - H: $4,255 (+$487)

Cash: $1,950 (+0)

Roth IRA 1: $300 (+$300)

Roth IRA 2: $300 (+$300)

CMA: $1660 ($500)

This doesn't account for Escrow or our Snowball account.

So, only down $8K, no big deal. 🤪

My prior 401K dropped by $11K due to a loan I had out, and when I left the company, they coded it as a w/d. I am just taking the hit for simplicity's sake. 

Waiting for our first mortgage payment to hit (Monday), and I am VERY excited about paying our first extra payment later on in August.

Still waiting to hear about the future of student loans... I am sure we will hear something soon. 

3 Responses to “What a SPENDY July”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    I hear you on a very spendy month!! We’ve had a couple of huge spendy months what with moving, and am looking forward to some peace on the spending front and a bit of balance. Hoping you get the same and have a wonderful baby shower!!

  2. rob62521 Says:

    There are some months that seem to leak money. Your baby shower/wedding reception sounds grand though and it is a one time thing.

    Hopefully the Stock Market is beginning to recover some because our retirement accounts took a big hit the past 7 months.

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    July was spendy for us, too. And August probably will be as well.

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