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Chugging right along

July 17th, 2022 at 01:43 am

Not on purpose, but I always forget when the husband gets paid. Meaning, he got paid yesterday, and I didn't do anyting about it. LOL. Until this morning. This paycheck was mostly utilities, but I did have $200 for groceries and $500 to our CMA account - this is where I am going to park the $500 a month, that we plan to use to invest someday. Wink It's safe there for now. 

I also added up all of our over-payments, to the tune of $3500, so I went back through ALL of the cards, made any final payments, and I also closed two additional cards. I am only keeping four open, but only have two in my wallet. Costco/Citi for food, gas items (use for points, pay immediately) and then my BofA for monthly household things, which I will pay off each month. 

My husband found out last Saturday that he had to go to Oklahoma for 3 weeks for work, he left this past Monday. He does get a PerDiem... I left that in our joint checking for him to use as needed. The overtime he'll collect will be super nice! I have $500 left of the wedding adventures to pay off... for the hotel room I booked for them for the weekend. They had a great time and LOVED the resort. I'll pay that off next week.

I knew July was going to be an interesting month with the expenses, and now with the husband out of town. I am sure we won't see normal until August or September. But I already feel the weight off my shoulders with closing down the cards and seeing all of those zero balances. Well, that and also seeing our savings balances grow already! 

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    Good job on paying stuff ahead and paying off stuff. Life sometimes happens; you just want to save those other times so you don't have to go into debt to pay for those unexpected expenses.

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